How We Works ?

Modern Designs

As Kize, since the first day personal living area in all localizations to the public areas of the design of our bringing quality with your dreams wood's natural, you think we're making a difference with our speed and our strength, we offer these insights services to you.

Professional Team

CNC machines, presses, quick-series and the banding technology sector and as we are in our production line series, with 28-foot cabin finish, workmanship extremely delicate. We are working with our design every opportunity to produce your dream.

Experience & Mastery

KİZE which gets its name from Cherry and Olive trees started its first activity in 1989 and has become a powerful firm operating with an indoor area of 12.000 m2.We have made difference with our quality, speed, and power by combining your design imaginations.

Our References

Houses and offices, we have carried out carefully to the retail and tourism sectors and projects visible in our e-catalog on our site, you can contact our architecture group to get more detailed information. Contact us to get quotes or information.
  • Our mission is to breathe new life into the sector both nationally and internationally with infrastructure and technology that we have established in the competition environment that we are exist with information and experience that we have.
    Kize Furniture
  • Our vision is to become continuously preferable world brand.
    Kize Furniture